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How to Activate Bravo TV using BravoTV.Com/Link Activate Bravo TV is an online cable TV network that NBCUniversal controls. It was first launched in the year 1980. The channel focused on film and fine art programming. It now features reality TV series for older, adult and LGBTIQA and LGBTIQA viewers.

But you’ll have to enable Bravo TV on your device before you can begin streaming the content. This guide’ll explore ways to activate Bravo TV via on different streaming devices.

Bravo TV Compatible Devices

Besides your local cable TV provider, you can watch Bravo TV using various streaming devices. Here is the list of compatible devices with Bravo TV:

  • Roku
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices
  • Smart TVs

You can also watch Bravo TV content on your computer or laptop by accessing its browser and going to Regardless of the streaming device, remember to connect it first to a stable Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection for a smooth streaming experience.

How to Activate Bravo TV on Different Streaming Devices

Before you can watch Bravo TV on your streaming device, you’ll need to activate it first. Depending on the device, follow the steps below to activate the channel on your device and receive the code.


  1. Switch off your TV using your Roku streaming device.
  2. Press the home button with the Roku remote and then select Streaming Channels.
  3. Start your Roku Channel Store and choose Bravo from the available options.
  4. Select to add Channel and then wait for the application to be downloaded.
  5. Open the Bravo app. Now you’ll see your activation/roku activation number on your screen.
  6. Using another device, go to and enter the earlier activation code. Click Continue.
  7. Choose the TV service you want to use and enter your login information. Complete the steps to activate.
  8. After activating your account, you can access Bravo TV on Roku via the Bravo TV app.

Amazon Firestick

  1. Turn on Your smart TV by connecting the Firestick device.
  2. Choose your home button from the Firestick remote, then select to click on the “Search”(magnifying glass) icon.
  3. Input the keyword bravo tv and click on a bravo app icon. Choose Install.
  4. Start the application. An activation number will appear on your display.
  5. On another device, navigate to and enter the activation code shown on the TV screen.
  6. Choose Continue and select your preferred TV provider. If prompted, log in to the account associated with your provider and complete the activation procedure.
  7. You can now stream Bravo TV on Amazon Firestick.

Android and iOS Devices

First, you must install the Bravo app to enable Bravo TV on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. The app is free on both the Google Play and App Store. After downloading, you must follow these steps:

  1. Start the app on your phone or tablet. Now you will see a Bravotv/link activation code on the screen.
  2. Using another device, visit and enter the activation code from the app.
  3. After you’ve completed the activation process, You can now stream Bravo TV via the Android and iOS device through The Bravo TV App.

Apple TV

  1. You can turn into your TV using Apple TV. Apple TV streaming device connected.
  2. Utilizing using the Apple TV remote, visit the App Store and look to find Bravo TV. Bravo TV app.
  3. Select the option to download and then install the application. A prompt may ask you to input the Apple ID login details before downloading an application.
  4. Launch the Bravo TV app. The app will display the activation number.
  5. On another device, go to and input the activation code.
  6. Choose Keep and select the TV provider you want to use. You might be required to sign into the account of your TV provider.
  7. After that process, you can begin viewing Bravo TV on Apple TV.

Xbox One

  1. Switch on the Xbox One console and go to Browse Apps.
  2. Click on the Search(magnifying glass) icon and enter the words bravo TV.
  3. Select your Bravo TV app icon and choose the option to install.
  4. Start the application. There will be an activation number on the app’s screen.
  5. On your smartphone or tablet’s browser app, visit and enter the activation code. Select Continue.
  6. Continue with the activation steps.
  7. Now you can watch Bravo TV on Xbox One through Bravo TV. Bravo TV app.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for authentic and lifestyle programs, You can view them on Bravo TV. It’s among the United States’ most-watched channels and streaming services. It hosts shows like Top Chef, The Real Housewives of New York City, Million Dollar Listing New York and many more.

You’ll have first to enable Bravo TV using your device to stream it before watching it through Bravo TV. Bravo TV application. This guide should aid you in activating Bravo TV on various streaming devices.

FAQs –

Where do I enter the code for Bravotv link?

Bravotv.Com/Link to activate On the page for activation, you will be asked to choose the TV service provider you want to use from a selection. Select the provider you want to use among the options available. Then, you’ll be required to enter the bravo tv activation number. The code is typically visible on the screen of your TV or displayed in the activation process.

How do I get Bravo TV?

You can stream Bravo in HD without cable Sling TV Blue, Sling TV Orange + Blue, Hulu with Live TV, DirecTV Stream, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Fubo TV Elite, Spectrum TV Choice, Xfinity Choice TV, or DirecTV Stream Ultimate. Below, we list the most effective ways to stream Bravo, which cord-cutters can use.

How can I watch Bravo on my laptop?

How can I determine which shows have complete episodes available for viewing? If you’d like to stream complete episodes on using your desktop computer, you can go to The Full Episodes section on the site, accessible through the navigation menu at the top. The list of shows with full episodes available to stream can be found there.

Why is my Bravo channel not working?

Reinstall and uninstall this Bravo app. When restarting the Roku device fails, Try uninstalling and reinstalling your Bravo app. We recommend starting from there. Taking out the affected channel before reinstalling it could be helpful in certain cases.

What is a enter activation code?

The term “Activation code” refers to an authentication code used to verify authenticating the user. An activation code is added to the software or delivered to the user’s or mobile email address.

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