– Setup Xbox Console Digitally on Mobile [2023]

What is is an online web portal where you can use your Microsoft Account to automatically set up the system update for your Xbox One console.

It can be used on your mobile device and will give you the ability to update your game system independently.

Updating from mobile is more convenient, particularly considering that the digital setup process is not available on computers.

What is https xboxsetup

Xbox App Download

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Xbox app For Mobile

The Xbox app keeps you connected to your gaming community on your tablet or phone. Easily share game clips and screenshots, view achievements, chat and get notifications. Plus, play games from your console.

Xbox App Download for pc

Setup Xbox on Mobile Using and Mobile App

If you’re on the Android or iOS device, You can set up an account on your Xbox One using the portal of by following the steps:

  • Your Xbox One will show the link to on the update screen. It is possible to type in the address or use your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code and click the URL.

NOTE: Make sure to save the activation code, which will be displayed on the update screen. It is required to enter this number to begin the update.

  • The portal will display your Welcome to Xbox screen. Click the next option to proceed with the configuration.

NOTE: You can install the Xbox App on your phone if you haven’t yet.

  • Launch your Xbox App to your phone and enter the code you obtained from the Xbox upgrade screen.
  • You’ll be asked questions to verify ownership of the Xbox console. Make sure you answer them correctly.
  • The update system runs independently. Make sure to check your Xbox console after the update is complete. Now you can apply the settings of your Xbox App to your console.
  • Continue by clicking”Yes” or clicking the ” Yes” option.

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