Set up an authenticator app as a two-step verification method

authenticator app You can configure an authenticator app to send a notification to your mobile device or a verification code as a security verification method. You are not required to use the Microsoft Authenticator app. And you can choose an alternative app during setup. Nonetheless, this article utilizes the Microsoft Authenticator application. Important: You must … Read more Microsoft Authenticator App Setup (2022)

Microsoft is most well-known for its numerous productivity applications and operating system called Windows. Microsoft also has a wide collection of security apps. One of them can be found in Microsoft Authenticator. Microsoft Authenticator application. It allows you to authenticate your online accounts using two-factor security securely. Once your accounts are added, they will be automatically stored … Read more – Set up your Microsoft 365 Sign-in for Multi-factor Authentication

The https aka MS mfasetup, is a Microsoft multi-factor authentication site that lets you provide two Multi-Factor Authentication credentials that you need to know before logging in to your accounts. This verifies your individuality. The first step is to go to the website at setup. How to set up Multi-Factor Authentication in Microsoft … Read more