How to Find BitLocker Recovery Key And Do BitLocker Recovery

How to Find BitLocker Recovery Key And Do BitLocker Recovery

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker, a full-disk encryption option included in select editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, includes BitLocker. It protects data by encrypting the entire volume. To prevent the loss of essential files, you can encryption a USB drive using BitLocker.

What is BitLocker recovery key?

generates automatically when BitLocker drive encryption is set up on the drive.

BitLocker recovery key is stored in a .BEK file named like BitLocker Recovery Key 444C8E16-45E7-4F23-96CE-3B3FA04D2189.BEK as below:

bitlocker recovery key generator

BitLocker recovery key format: 419595-387156-44334-315590-197472-399399-320562-361383
If you have forgotten your BitLocker password, or if BitLocker isn’t working, the BitLocker Recovery Key will unlock your BitLocker encrypted disk.
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Where and how to find BitLocker recovery key?

Microsoft’s BitLocker drive encryption requires you to save a BitLocker Recovery Key when setting it up. It could have  save online to your Microsoft account, saved to a USB stick, saved to a file or printed the recovery key. You can look for the recovery key in many different ways.

How do I find BitLocker recovery keys? These six steps will help you find BitLocker recovery keys.

  •  Firstly, Find the BitLocker recovery key in the Microsoft account
  •  Secondly, Find the BitLocker recovery key in a USB flash drive
  •  Thirdly, Find the BitLocker recovery key in a txt file
  • Fourthly, Find the BitLocker recovery key in a document
  •  Moreover, Find the BitLocker recovery key in Active Directory
  • Finally, Find the BitLocker recovery key in your Azure Active Directory account

Option 1 in your Microsoft account

To retrieve the recovery key that was stored online with a Microsoft account, visit the site: (The previous page is

Register with Microsoft to see your recovery key.

Option 2: Find the BitLocker recovery key on a USB flash drive

You can view the BitLocker recovery code by inserting the USB flash drive into your computer.

BitLocker recovery key on a USB flash drive

Option 3: Find the BitLocker recovery key in a txt file

BitLocker Recovery Key.txt may save to your computer. You can search BitLocker recovery key.txt to see if you haven’t deleted it.

To recover BitLocker Recovery Key.txt, you can download free data recovery software from iBoysoft Data Recovery.

Option 4: Find the BitLocker recovery key in a document

You can search for the pdf file you have printed from BitLocker Recovery Key by “Microsoft Print To PDF”

BitLocker recovery key in a document

To retrieve the missing pdf file, you can use Windows Search to find it. Download free data recovery software from iBoysoft Data Recovery now.

Option 5: Find the BitLocker recovery key in Active Directory

If BitLocker is enabled for domain users, you may have the BitLocker Recovery Key saved to Active Directory (AD). Contact your administrator to obtain it.

BitLocker Recovery password Viewer allows you to locate and view the BitLocker key stored in Active Directory (AD).

Tutorial on how to view the BitLocker recovery keys in Active Directory

Active Directory Users and Computers allows you to locate and click on the container where the computer is located. Click the Computers Container, for example.

Right-click the object and click Properties.

Click the BitLocker Recovery tab in the ComputerName Properties dialog box to see the BitLocker keys associated with that particular computer.

Option 6: In your Azure Active Directory Account

If you have a work computer that is connected to an Azure Active Directory account, view the device information and obtain the recovery key.

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Cannot find BitLocker recovery key, what to do?

You may not able to get BitLocker’s recovery key using the above methods. 

How to verify if the BitLocker recovery key is correct?

Compare the BitLocker Recovery Key ID value with the BitLocker Recovery Key identifier to verify that it is correct. The following example illustrates:

verify if the BitLocker recovery key is correct

BitLocker’s recovery key ID is a bitLocker key identifier. You can unlock your drive if the BitLocker Recovery Key ID matches that displayed on your drive.

If your BitLocker Recovery key ID is different than the one on your drive, then the BitLocker key will not match and the drive can’t unlock. You will need to locate the correct BitLocker Recovery Key in this case.

How to find BitLocker recovery key ID value?

The BitLocker encryption system volume ID is displayed on BitLocker’s recovery screen.

BitLocker recovery key ID value

BitLocker encryption key ID can access by clicking on “More Options” and then entering the recovery key in the wizard. This will unlock BitLocker encrypted drives.


How to use BitLocker recovery key ID to unlock the drive?

BitLocker’s recovery key ID is a BitLocker key identifier. It cannot unlock BitLocker encrypted drives. You will still need to locate the BitLocker key ID in this instance.

How to get the BitLocker recovery key with key ID?

You can locate the BitLocker Recovery Key txt file if you are able to find it or save it in your Microsoft account AD or Azure AD. There is no other way to obtain BitLocker’s recovery key.

What is BitLocker recovery and how can it be used?

BitLocker Recovery is the process that allows you to restore access to BitLocker encrypted drives in the unlikely event that they are not accessible normally.

To recover your data, you can free download the BitLocker recovery disk if it is an encrypted BitLocker operating system drive.

How do you recover BitLocker?

BitLocker data Recovery is different from common data recovery. To decrypt data, you will need the original BitLocker metadata and BitLocker password.

BitLocker recovery software free download

Sometimes the BitLocker recovery keys and password won’t work. Most likely, the BitLocker encrypted drive is corrupted. Professional BitLocker recovery software will require in this case.

iBoysoft bitLocker Recovery can use to recover BitLocker data. It can retrieve data from any BitLocker encrypted partition that has corrupte, lost, or deleted. After supplying the recovery key or password.

How to recover data from an encrypted BitLocker drive

  • Download, install, and launch iBoysoft bitLocker Recovery for Windows.

recover data from BitLocker encrypted drive

  • Click Next to continue.
  • Enter your password or 48-digit BitLocker Recovery Key to decrypt data from BitLocker encrypted drive.

decrypt data from BitLocker encrypted drive

  • iBoysoft BitLocker recovery scans and decrypts the data from the BitLocker encrypted drive.

BitLocker Recovery

  • Once all files have find, you can preview documents, photos and videos. To check if the files are recoverable, you can play the audio or videos.


  • Select the files you need and click “Recover” for the recovery process to begin.

You can open files that you have recovered but cannot open by using the “Revert Decryption” option in the Help menu.

How to find BitLocker recovery key FAQ

How to get BitLocker recovery key with the recovery key ID?

Contact your domain administrator if you need BitLocker recovery keys according to the recovery key ID.

BitLocker encrypted drive doesn’t accept the password and recovery key, how to unlock it?

If BitLocker encryption drive is corrupted in this case, you can use iBoysoft BitLocker recovery to recover data.

 Why does BitLocker recovery screen prompt for recovery key every boot Windows 10/8/7?

BitLocker may ask you for a recovery key whenever you boot. If BitLocker detects an external storage device attached to a device on the boot list, BitLocker will prompt for this key for security reasons.

What causes BitLocker to ask for recovery key?

The boot order has change. The hardware has modify. Due to virus attack, accidental unplugging, or other reasons, the password information in BitLocker metadata has completely delete.

 Is there a BitLocker recovery key generator?

No, each BitLocker encrypted drive comes with its own BitLocker recovery code.

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