univision/activate | How to Activate Univision | EASY STEPS

univision/activate | How to Activate Univision | EASY STEPS

Activate Univision on Roku, Fire TV, Hulu, Smart TV, Apple TV EASY STEPS

Univision/activate, previously called the Spanish International Network, was a Spanish streaming television network owned by TelevisaUnivision. It is a channel that provides programming specifically for the Hispanic community, which includes telenovelas and sports, sitcoms and news series, and feature films. The channel is accessible through various paid-TV service providers across the US and has local channels in areas with significant Latin American communities.


However, there are regions in the US where Univision isn’t available and only accessible via streaming services. This guide will show you how to activate Univision through univision.com/activate.

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How to Activate Univision on Various Streaming Devices

As mentioned, Univision is freely available throughout the US via local stations. If you find it unavailable in your region, it is possible to join Univision now or via an online streaming service.

To join Univision NOW, follow these steps:

  1. If you have a computer, go to Univision Now’s Official website and sign up for an Account.
  2. After that, click on the account thumbnail and Click Submit.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to buy the Univision NOW subscription. You can begin enjoying Univision and UniMas content for $10.99/month. For more pricing details, go here.
  4. Then, download the Univision Now app to your device. It’s free to download in both Google Play Store and App Store. Google Play Store as well as the App Store.
  5. Start the application and log in with the account you have created with your Univision account.
  6. You can now stream Univision on your mobile device.

Another method to stream Univision is to use using a streamer device. If you already have one, you can download the application on your device to stream and connect your account.

Depending on your streaming device, follow the steps below to activate Univision:

How do I activate Univision on Roku using Univision/activate?

  1. Start Your Roku streaming device and press the Home button on the remote.
  2. Go to the Streaming Channels and look on Univision.
  3. Choose it, then choose to add a channel.
  4. Launch the application then, then sign on to Your Univision account. A six-digit activation number will appear at the top of your screen.
  5. Using another device, go to tv.univision.com/devicereg and enter the code.
  6. Choose which television provider and login to your account with the TV provider.
  7. You can now stream Univision on the internet on your Roku streaming player.

How do I activate Univision on Apple TV using univision.com/activate?

  1. Start your app store and look on The Univision app.
  2. Choose the Get option to download and install the software to your computer.
  3. Start the Univision application and log in to your Univision account. Now you’ll receive the 6-digit activation number.
  4. On your phone, open its browser and visit tv.univision.com/devicereg.
  5. Input the activation number and choose the television provider.
  6. Sign in to your account with the TV provider.
  7. You can now stream Univision via Apple TV.

How do I activate Univision on Amazon Fire TV using univision/activate?

  1. Navigate to the Home screen, then select the search option.
  2. Select the search option and search for Univision. Univision application.
  3. Click on the icon of the app and then click to download.
  4. After that, open the application, then sign on with Your Univision account. A 6-digit activation code will appear on the app’s screen.
  5. Next, visit tv.univision.com/devicereg on your phone or tablet.
  6. Enter your activation number and choose the service provider.
  7. Next, log in to your account with the TV provider.
  8. Univision is now accessible via your Fire TV streaming device.

How do I activate Univision on Android TV using univision.com/activate?

  1. Navigate to Your Android television’s main screen, and choose apps.
  2. Open Google Play Store. Launch the Google Play Store app and look up Univision.
  3. Choose it, then click to activate the button to install.
  4. After installation, launch the application, after which you can sign in to Your Univision account. Then, you can see a 6-digit activation number on your screen.
  5. On another device, go to tv.univision.com/devicereg and enter the code.
  6. Choose Your television service from the list and then click to continue.
  7. Log on to your account with the TV provider.
  8. Univision will be accessible via your Android Smart TV.

How do I activate Univision on Chromecast using univision.com/activate?

  • Turn on your Chromecast After installing the plugin.
  • Now, you will need to download the Google Home app.
  • Connect your device to the same WiFi as Chromecast.
  •  Open the Google homepage.
  • Now, Chromecast is added to the Google home page as a new device.
  • Open the app from your device.
  • Now, choose content with a lock.
  •  Sign in now and choose your TV provider.
  • You will directly reach the login page for your TV provider.
  •  Fill in your username and password.
  •  Now, You can access Univision content via Chromecast.


It’s a shame that Univision, unfortunately, is unavailable on Hulu. First, you should check whether Univision will be available within your region for no cost. Should it not be, you may stream Univision via Univision NOW, the Univision NOW app or another streamer or service.

Final Thoughts – Univision/activate

If you’re a member of the Hispanic community in the US or other countries or just need to see content in Spanish, it’s possible to watch Univision. But it’s not accessible in all areas and can only be streamed through a streaming platform or device.

Therefore, this guide will hopefully assist you in activating Univision on your phone. If you’re still having trouble accessing Univision, visit tv. Univision/cable-login-support on your computer or smartphone for further help.

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