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With www.aka.ms/addcomputer, an Android phone And a Windows PC can be joined. This Microsoft feature can only be used on Windows or Android devices. Using www.aka.ms/addcomputer, you can connect your smartphone to your PC and use your phone’s features on your computer.

Sync Your Phone to Computer: Phone Link, Also called “Your Phone,” is an official Microsoft tool that lets you connect your mobile device to your desktop computer to make working with it easier. This link will take you to the Phone Link App that comes with Windows 10 And 11.www.aka.ms/addcomputer.

Link Your Phone With aka.ms/addcomputer

Here are the steps to join your phone to Windows. Your system must detect your Android phone first. Change the USB cord or update the drivers. Link your phone after your system recognizes your device. The phone app URL must also support your phone. Phone and PC must share a network.
Most tasks use Wi-Fi, while phone calls use Bluetooth. Add Computer, a new Windows Update tool, lets you sync your phone with your PC. You can view SMS, app, and notification alerts on your computer from your phone. Smartphones can use PC touchpads and keyboards. Visit aka.ms/addcomputer to get started.

Make Sure Your Android Phone is Compatible With Your PC

Make sure your Android phone is PC-compatible before using Link To Windows. The mouse and touch screen can move between devices. Share data between devices after connecting. Transfer photos, audio, and other files to your PC. It can also backup Android data to your PC. Connect your Android phone to www.aka.addcomputer to view its files and folders.

How to Download and Connect www.aka.ms.addcomputer

Connect your phone to a Windows PC using www aka.ms/add/computer URL.

  • Visit www.aka.ms/addcomputer.
  • The app will immediately download if your phone is compatible.
  • You may also direct to Google Play to obtain and install the app to link your phone to your Windows PC.
    Install it.
  • Sign in with your email or scan the QR Code to join your phone and PC.
  • Tap resume.
  • Allow sending and reviewing messages.
  • Allow call management.
  • Furthermore, Allow contact.
  • Tap next.
  • Select “Let’s Connect”. Select or skip battery optimization.

We work on tablets, smartphones, and laptops in this digital era. Using any gadget speeds things up. Coordinating a PC and a smartphone is faster and enhances performance. Microsoft and Google deserve the credit for connecting Android devices to Windows PCs. www aka.ms/addcomputer lets you receive Android smartphone alerts on your PC.

Process for Downloading and Connecting Aka.ms/addcomputer

  1. Go to https://www.aka.ms/addcomputer and click on the link.
  2. If your phone is compatible, it will instantly send you to A page where you can download the App.
  3. You might also be sent to the Google Play store to download And install the app needed to connect your phone to your Windows PC.
  4. Put the program in place.
  5. You can sign in with your Email Address or by scanning the QR code to Link your phone to your PC.
  6. Tap on continue.
  7. If you want to send And look over the message, click “Allow.”
  8. Choose “Allow” to give permission to handle phone calls.
  9. “Allow” Access to the friend.
  10. Tap continue.
  11. Pick “Let’s Stay in Touch.”

What is www.aka.ms/addcomputer?

The Windows Creators Update has a tool called www.aka.ms./addcomputer that you can use to connect your phone to your computer. This means that you can see news, SMS, And app alerts from your phone on a computer. You can Also use your phone as A mouse or keyboard for your PC. You only need the http://www.aka.ms/addcomputer code to get started.

Does Your Android Phone Work With a Windows Computer?

A Windows computer can be linked to an Android phone. This is done with the Link To Windows app, which may be obtained on several Android phones.

Then, the Link To Windows software on your phone is connected to the Link To Windows app on your Windows PC. The Link To Windows App should already be on your computer, since it is an important part of Windows.

If you use the Link To Windows and Phone Link programs to connect your phone to your Windows PC, you should be able to sync everything. But when linked to a Windows PC, not every Android phone will work as effectively as it might.

Only the Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy phones work fully when they are connected to a Windows PC. Most other Android phones can still connect to Windows PCs with the Link To Windows program, but as of this writing, they can only use a small number of pairing options.

Benefits of www.akams/addcomputer

After adding this feature, Microsoft made it more easier for Windows phones to work with smartphones. Here Are some of the benefits of this service feature:

Seamlessly transfer content: This program’s main benefit is. For years, people have downloaded third-party apps to transfer content between devices. Transferring content with USB cords was wasteful and slow. This app lets users transfer limitless content in seconds. Since it’s fast and safe, your content isn’t shared.

Access to programs: This Windows feature lets you continuously use your smartphone’s apps. After syncing, users can view their smartphone apps on the larger screen, but they need internet.

Execute operations:  We discussed accessing programs on a larger screen. You can also act on submissions. Imagine getting a WhatsApp call. This allows you to respond to them on a bigger screen and use all of your smartphone’s functions.

Access to a smartphone: Transferring, calling, and using apps are enjoyable. This tool is more versatile than you think. This service allows full smartphone access. video and photo albums.

These were the main benefits of connecting the Smartphone to Windows OS using www.aka.ms/addcomputer. So, we will talk About how to connect a phone to a PC And what you need to do first.

Requirements of www.aka.ms/addcomputer

This part covers the requirements to connect your phone to your computer or laptop:

Phone Companion: Must-have smartphone apps. Download it from www.aka.ms/addcomputer. Click this link to obtain it immediately from Microsoft’s website. But you must obtain it from the Play store on your smartphone or the Microsoft website via this link.

Second application: Windows OS phone partner software. Search for “Phone link” and hit the icon. If not, update Windows. since only Windows 10 and later are functional.

Wi-Fi link: Your devices need a strong internet link. To directly link your smartphone to the PC and access all its functions and apps on the PC or laptop.

What Can You Do After Pairing an Android Phone and a Windows Computer?

You can do many things with your Android Phone connected to your Windows PC, depending on its features.

If your phone is enabled, you can sync documents, photos, videos, contacts, messages, calls, notifications, And some Apps. Check out our Android guide on how to find saved objects.

Mirroring your phone’s screen is also useful.

How do I disconnect my smartphone from my computer?

You joined using www.aka.ms/addcomputer. You want to unplug your smartphone from your PC because this feature is not working. Follow the steps below to unlink Your smartphone from your PC.

  • First, open Microsoft’s website And log in with the same Email Address.
  • The “Device” section displays A list of linked gadgets.
  • Tap And approve your desired device removal.
  • Reopen the smartphone App to see it removed.
  • Removing the www.aka.ms/addcomputer URL from the smartphone is the same.
  • Open the companion app’s options. Open Accounts.
  • Check the PC’s Microsoft email address.
  • After finding, hit “Logout” on the account.
  • Unpair your gadget from the PC by following the prompts.

In Conclusion – www.aka.ms/addcomputer

Microsoft’s www.aka.ms/addcomputer tool connects Android phones to Windows PCs. This feature lets you read SMS, app, and notification alerts on your computer and use your phone as a mouse or keyboard.

Visit aka.ms/addcomputer, download the app, sign in with your email or scan the QR code to link your phone and PC, allow the app to send and review messages, handle calls, and access contacts.

Some Android phones work well when linked to Windows PCs using the Link To Windows app. Aka.ms/addcomputer allows content sharing, program access, operation execution, and smartphone access.

www.aka.ms/addcomputer – FAQs

How do I open a link to Windows on my Android phone?

Swipe down from the top of your screen to see your Android Notification (for Surface Duo) or Quick Access panel. (for Samsung and HONOR devices).Tap the Windows link.

How do I connect my phone to Windows 10?

Type your phone into the search box on the taskbar, And then choose the Phone Link App from the list of findings. Choose the Android. You Will be asked to sign into your Microsoft Account. (In order to link your Android device And PC, you will need to be signed into the Same Microsoft Account on both.)

How do I open my Phone Link on Windows?

Type Phone Link into the search box on the taskbar, And then choose the Phone Link App from the list of findings. If you have not Already signed in with Windows, you may be Asked to sign in to your Microsoft Account. On your Android device, install or open the Link to Windows mobile App.

Why my phone Cannot connect to my computer?

Try a different port, cable, or computer

The problem might be with your computer, its USB port, or The USB cord that links your computer to your device. Try Another machine, USB port, or USB cable if you can. Check the charging port on The bottom of your iPhone or iPad to see if there is Anything stuck in it.

How can I connect my Samsung phone to PC?

Download the Microsoft Launcher app and take a few easy steps to make your phone And PC work together As one. Click the Start button on The PC, And then click the Settings button. Click “Phone,” then “Add a phone.” Then, put in your phone number And click Send.

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