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www.aka.ms.yourpc – One of the most important features added to Windows is the ability to connect PCs to smartphones using a dedicated app. However, there is a procedure that must be followed.

The good news is that the complete guide to connecting your phone to your Windows PC using the phone app located at aka.ms/yourpc  provides below.

Microsoft introduced Windows as a graphical operating system for MS-DOS in November 1985; it was the first to dominate the global PC market. Windows is now the most popular operating system in all nations.

Phone Link System requirements : www.aka.ms.yourpc

The Phone Link experience begins with your Windows computer and the Phone Link application. You can connect to select Android and Samsung devices from your computer using the Link to Windows app, which comes preinstall on your device or can download from Google Play or the Samsung Galaxy Store.

This connection between your Android device and computer grants you instant access to all of your favorite content. Read and respond to text messages easily, view recent photos from your Android device, utilize your favorite mobile applications, make and receive calls, and manage Android device notifications directly from your computer.

To function, the Phone Link app requires the following:

  • A PC running Windows 10 (with or after the May 2019 Update) or Windows 11
  • A device is running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or a later version.
  • Your phone and computer must link to the same Wi-Fi network.

To have the best experience with the Phone Link application, we recommend always installing the most recent version of Windows.

Note: The Phone Link application does not currently support multiple Android profiles or work/school accounts.

How to link your devices

Ensure that your PC and Android device are nearby, power on, and connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you start from your PC: www.aka.ms.yourpc


  • Install or launch the mobile app for Link to Windows on your Android device. To accomplish this, launch a web browser on your Android device and enter the Link display on your computer (www.aka.ms/yourpc).
  • Sign in to the mobile app using the same Microsoft account you use on your desktop computer.
  • After logging in, please return to your PC, select the I have the Link to Windows app ready checkbox, and then choose Pair with QR code.

Note: If you wish to pair your device without a QR code, choose Pair manually on your PC. You will prompt on your Android device to enter a code.

  • A pop-up window containing a QR code will appear on your computer display.
  • Select Link your phone and PC from the mobile app on your Android device. If prompted, “Is the QR code on your computer ready?” select Continue.
  • The app will request permission to access your camera. After accepting, a camera within the app will launch. Use this camera to scan the display QR code on your computer.
  • After scanning the QR code, additional Android permissions may request. These permissions allow you to access phone content on your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions on your Android device and then tap Done. Then, return to your computer to investigate the Phone Link application.

If you’re adding another Android device:

  • Open the Google Play Store, search for Link to Windows, and download the app if necessary if you add a second Android device.
  • You will require to scan a QR code display on your computer. Launch a web browser on your computer to access this QR code and navigate to www.aka.ms/yourphoneqrc.
  • Utilize the in-app camera on your Android device to scan the QR code display on your computer.
  • After scanning the QR code, you might be prompt to grant multiple permissions. These permissions allow you to access phone content on your computer.

Tip: The Phone Link application is intended to be used as part of your computer’s Windows taskbar. The application may be pinned to the taskbar for some users who have connected an Android device to their PC. To unpin the application, right-click its icon and select Unpin from the taskbar.

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